Don’t be scared – get the (bike) fit!

My very first Ironman VR was an olympic distance and included a 24.8 mile ride. Keep in mind I have never, ever raced even a sprint triathlon. Quarantine made me bold and I went after that bike ride and I did it!

Post finish line Ironman VR

What came after that accomplishment, I wasn’t ready for though. My back, shoulders, neck and even my hips hurt and ached in a way that I had never experienced. That’s when I knew it was time to get my bike fit specifically to me.

I was referred to Dynamic Bike Fit in Roanoke by my mom who had heard great things so I signed up for the first available spot! And here is how it went…

The Pre-Screening

After confirming my appointment, I was sent a survey to fill out a ton of information regarding why I am riding, what my habits are on the bike, any aches and pains, what my goals and life dreams are…No just kidding. But it was a very thorough survey all for Lisa and Craig (Dynamic Bike Fit) to understand the kind of rider I am even before I showed up.

Time for the Fit!

I will admit, I was pretty nervous to show up. In my head, bike fits were only meant for serious racers with super a serious bike. Well I am happy to be the first to admit, that is absolutely wrong! Bike fits are for anyone who spends any amount of time on a bike and wants to do it comfortably.

First up, I met Lisa who performed my physical evaluation to see what my tendencies and strengths are to help her with the fit itself. She tested my flexibility, asked me to do pushups, squats, one-legged exercises and just observed my walk.

After this it was time to hop on the bike and get hooked up – literally!

Lisa hooked up a data point to every joint from my feet to my wrist. All of this data fed to a computer program that showed a little stick figure me

With these data points, Lisa and Craig were able to see a stick figure Alex on their computer. This view really breaks down my movements and the inefficiencies they are looking to correct.

The fit lasted about 2 hours and it was full of riding, tweaking my position and the bike and hanging out with Lisa, Craig and others in the shop! It was actually a ton of fun, see…fits are nothing to be afraid of!

At the end of the day, I walked away with a new saddle and smaller handlebars and stem. Doesn’t seem like much, right? Those adjustments made the BIGGEST difference in the world.

Post fit life

When I ride now, I don’t have to expect an aching back or shoulders anymore. Now my biggest concern is how sore my quads and calves will be after my ride! I am able to focus on my performance and not how to tweak my positioning to hurt less.

So if you’re on the fence about getting a fit or not…get it done!! And if you’re near the DFW area or up for a drive, check out Lisa and Craig at Dynamic Bike Fit.

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