Welcome to my blog!

Hi there! Please consider this my online, very enthusiastic welcome to my new passion project – a blog!

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Three loves of mine are traveling, cooking and the newest to the bunch, training for triathlons. In the times of COVID-19 I have found a bit of free, lone time on my hands. And with this, I have decided to take to the World Wide Web with stories of my adventures, successes, failures and frankly, random trains of thought.

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And for those of you who don’t know me personally, this is me! My name is Alex and a few fun facts about me:

1. I began training for triathlons in January 2020. My goal is to complete a full Ironman race within three years (by the end of 2023).

2. I have a lovely dog named Maverick and a fantastic husband, Anthony.

3. Traveling is what I am thinking about at least 75 percent of the time.

I can’t wait to share more about my adventures in travel, food and training through this blog with you and hopefully inspire laughs, smiles and going for “that one thing you’ve been thinking about doing for a while”. Go ahead, follow along and let’s do it!